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"The right of voting for representatives is the primary right by which other rights are protected.
"To take away this right is to reduce a man to slavery, for slavery consists in being subject to the will of another."
Thomas Paine, First Principles of Government

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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Displaced teachers (ATRs) make public appeal to city council speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito

Displaced New York City teachers write a public letter to the new speaker of the city council, Melissa Mark-Viverito, someone promoted as a pro-labor candidate. Displaced teachers and other DOE staff appeal to elected officials because union leaders are unresponsive to us and a month after the Daily News attacks are still silent on the smearing attacks on us.

February 13, 2014

Dear Ms. Mark-Viverito,

    Congratulations on you becoming Council Speaker.  Why we are writing you is to bring to light the unvarnished truth behind teachers in the A.T.R. pool.  Most of the A.T.R.s are as much victims of failed educational policies as the students that were under educated by those policies.  A.T.R.s came in 2 major classes.  The first, were senior teachers that were excessed from closed schools.  The second were those who, for no fault of their own, were caught up in the “reign of terror” that the past mayor and his chancellors waged against senior teachers in this city.  It is true that a very minuscule number of individuals rightly deserved to be disciplined and removed to the now infamous “rubber rooms”.  The rest of these teachers were no guiltier than you, when their principals falsely accused them of wrong doing and had them removed from their schools.  When these teachers finally left these rooms, they were automatically put into the A.T.R. pool.  On top of that, they were “black-flagged” as “discipline problems”. 
  The purpose of this pool, in the eyes of the mayor, was to demoralize us and accelerate our retirement and or resignation from the school system.  This is no more than an abuse of good, dedicated, hard working professionals.
  When A.T.R.s read, in the NY Daily News, that the mayor and the chancellor were talking about placing us back into classrooms, we were ecstatic.  As stories began to appear in that paper accusing us of everything from criminal behavior to “U” rated teachers that would prey on our children our mood changed drastically.  We were so upset by these unwarranted attacks that we thought that we would never be able to teach again.  And that Council Speaker is a fate worse than death for teachers.
  “U” ratings were just another form of harassment used by principals to remove senior teachers from their staffs and replace them with young and inexperienced individuals whom they knew they could “bully” into teaching “the program”.  These teachers that were rated “U”, in most cases did not deserve that rating at all. 
  We ask you as a powerful voice in the progressive movement to filter out all the rhetoric of the past and help the mayor and the chancellor in moving this great city forward.  Put us teachers back into the classrooms.  Give us the chance that was given to so many people before and help our kids to succeed. 

Thank you,
Howard Klein
Scott Barusek
Guido Proano
Elvira Sacco


  1. Great. Hope she hears out pleas!

  2. My friend who is a vision teacher was paid a SURPRISE visit by her sup who observed her in a graphic arts class. The teacher had not left any work and the kids in that school are horrible. Guess what she got? And when she called the union she was told that the sup can do this!!!! This is ridiculous.

  3. This ATR situation really is another example of the destructive policies driven by bloomberg who was a reckless maniac who only wanted to break the UFT union and punish its members. The ATR teachers, social workers, guidance counselors and secretaries are the finest educators we have in NYC!! We need to get these educators back into the classrooms as well as the counseling offices!! Bloomberg was insane!!

  4. Our new mayor and chancellor know how valuable our experienced teachers are. As a matter of fact its the best NYC has! The students need our professional teachers back into the classrooms as soon as possible. The students need real guidance counselors and real social workers!!!

  5. Principals like Dwarka got hired to remove experienced professionals, and now the results for the regents have plummeted.

  6. This is systemic age discrimination practice by the DOE of NYC with the collaboration of the UFT, it is time to open our eyes.

  7. The DOE is allowing these Leadership Principals to discriminate against teachers so they can look good.