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Thomas Paine, First Principles of Government

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Friday, January 1, 2016

Six basic questions that neither Farina nor Mulgrew have had the sense to address about the coming closures of 3 Brooklyn schools

Now that three (3) "troubled schools" in Brooklyn will be closing next year for "under performance and under enrollment", why hasn't anyone put this complex question to

1) Where do these teachers go when they are excessed??
2)  If they will be placed, how can they be placed when there are over 
     1,500 ATRs still waiting for placement?
3)  If these teachers are leaving the "closing" schools for other placements in
     "vacancies", will ATRs be placed in that "coverage" (provisional positions)
      when the school officially closes?
4)   How can the ATR pool go down when the DOE/UFT is creating this cycle?
5)   During an election year, will anyone address this "dark secret"?
6)   Who will acquire the available space when the schools are closed - 
      charter or the other public school?

If these questions are already answered, and the newspapers haven't put 2+2 together for the QUANDARY that will arise in 2016-17, then this dilemma is not addressed in some plausible way!!

Keep in mind, the next salary increase happens in MAY 2016 and many of our ATRs are reaching salary levels that are going beyond the compensatory levels within school budgets. (Despite Principals being told, it's not coming from their budgets unless over the allotted "average teacher salary in the bldg) This will definitely put a major strain upon hiring any ATRs for 2016-17 budget levels. For example, those teacher reaching 15 yrs are now prime targets for being "over budget and over age" and the most senior teacher in some schools will be 13yrs, if that!!  Hence, where do these teachers start to find positions especially when majority of positions are not on the DOE website or advertised as expected.

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  1. Chaz is reporting a secret closed door Mulgrew deal that extends the ATR agreement in advance of it ending this June. No input from the UFT members it affects - ATRs. Completely outrageous behavior that we have come to expect from Weingarten/Mulgrew.