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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

ATRNYC sends de Blasio a letter of concerns

ACRs/ATRs from the Chapter Committee went to mayor-elect de Blasio's Transition Tent and entered this statement. We had in mind the larger range of displaced DOE staff.

Dear Mr. Mayor-Elect, We are writing on behalf of all NYC displaced teachers and guidance counselors, otherwise known as ATRs. There are currently over 2,000 displaced teachers and guidance counselors roaming weekly. These are mainly veteran educators who throughout the Bloomberg administration have been pushed out of closing or down-sizing schools in an effort to save money. The city is spending over $150 million per year on this program, wasting tax-payers' money by not having teachers work in an on-going basis. 

We ask the city to reinstate the seniority transfer system that existed for decades until 2005. If this cannot be done, we ask that ATRs be appointed to schools where teachers are needed before new candidates straight out of college are hired, as is current practice. We also wish to see the reinstatement of the prior payroll structure where teachers were paid from a central fund, rather than a school's budget. This new system has politicized hiring by putting principals in a position of not wanting to hire them simply because they are more expensive. On reinstatement we expect to get the full training that other teachers and counselors received. 

Thank you and we look forward to your help.


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  1. Hey this is great and I am sure Diblasio will totally understand and realize how bloomberg was crazy not to utilize ALL his guidance counselors and teachers. My school is in such need of guidance counselors that so many students just sit outside the 1 guidance counselor my school can only afford while there are guidance counselors all over nyc being "rotated" by bloomberg who then gets in front of the camera yesterday to "promote" his phoney graduation rates!! Pleeease Mr soon to be out the door mayor, get out of our lives and retire somewhere as far as possible from nyc so that our new mayor mr diblasio can clean up the mess called the atr pool. Only in a mike bloomberg world could such a travesty exist.